America’s leading rice company.

Riviana is also the most extensive marketer of wild rice in the world. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebro Foods--the world leader in the rice sector and second largest pasta manufacturer in the world--we possess a truly comprehensive view of the rice and pasta business. Based in Spain, Ebro Foods operates in the rice, pasta and sauces sector across the globe through its extensive network of subsidiaries and brands in more than eighty countries spanning Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. This relationship enhances both our products and company as a whole by providing access to a worldwide network of raw material sourcing, world-class research and development centers, cutting-edge technology and product innovations.

caring for you and the planet
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From the farm to the consumer, Riviana is committed to producing the cleanest, most wholesome rice products available.

Providing a superior level of quality.

Riviana Foods is constantly developing, evolving and improving products using our state-of-the-art pilot plant facilities. We have a history of working with our industrial customers to discover new applications for ingredients and blends using our laboratories and test kitchens.

Providing a superior level of quality is one of our most important objectives. We follow the strictest company and regulatory guidelines and procedures to evaluate products in our processing facilities.

Our staff’s wide range of experiences as full-service rice suppliers allows us to assist clients with production, packaging, product development, specifications, quality assurance and special projects. We continuously work to improve our efficiency. 

From the farm to the consumer, Riviana is committed to producing the cleanest, most wholesome rice products available.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where does brown rice come from?

Brown rice and white rice comes from the same plant, the difference is in the milling process. Once harvested, the rice is sent to the mill and excess moisture is removed from the rough rice using a massive dryer and then cleaned, which separates whole grains from straw and broken grains. Next, the rough rice hulls are shelled to reveal the rice grain and expel the hulls, yielding whole-grain brown rice. If white rice is desired, the brown rice is milled by removing the rice bran from the grain, yielding polished white rice.

What is wild rice?

Wild rice is the seed of a plume-topped aquatic grass found mainly in Minnesota, California and Canada. It is often combined with other types of rice or grain. With an enticing blend of smoky, nutty flavors and crackly-crunchiness, wild rice has long been a favorite of gourmets. 

What are your delivery capabilities?

Our network of manufacturing and distribution centers located throughout the country ensures fast and on-time deliveries.