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Precooked Grains

Precooked Grains are cereals and pulses which don’t require soaking, meaning that cook times are greatly reduced when compared to other grain types. Whether it be parboiled or instantized ready to eat grain options, Riviana has exactly what you need for a wide variety of applications.

Riviana offers two types of precooked grains: Black Barley and Organic Ready to Eat Crispy Red Quinoa. Our precooked grains can be used for many recipes for snack mixes and nutrition bars. The instantization process means that the product requires less cooking time for consumers.

Discover the perfect grain for absolutley any application and trust Riviana for the most wholesome and quality ingredients whatever your needs may be.

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Black Barley

This parboiled barley, cooks up with a glossy, rich black sheen, making it sure to be noticed in a wide variety of applications. This extraordinary grain has been prized for generations in Ethiopia.

Organic Ready to Eat Crispy Red Quinoa

This high-protein grain offers a nutty aroma with a rich color and unique texture. This crispy red quinoa is great as a colorful ingredient in applications such as nutrition bars, snack mixes.

Ready to Eat Crispy White Quinoa

This supergrain adds a delicious ‘popcorn’ like flavor to snacks and a variety of healthy dishes. It is great as an ingredient for nutrition bars and snack mixes.

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