America’s leading rice company

Next Level Innovation and Food Quality

Riviana supplies and processes cutting-edge IQF rice, grains, and GF pasta, providing the best lead time and quality control in the industry.

Better Bite, Superior Taste, Smoother Texture

Drawing on a rich history of innovation, we have spent years perfecting the science of cooking and freezing conventional and organic goods in a single continuous process. The result is our high-quality and delicious IQF rice, grain, and GF pasta products.

In 2017, we opened our new, state-of-the-art facility in Memphis, TN. Our high-care, high-capacity operation provides the best choice for IQF ingredients. Our fully-automated cold store provides our customers the flexibility of mixed-loads and industry-leading fast response to orders.

IQF Rice

Innovate your food business with individually quick frozen conventional and organic rice varieties sourced from all around the world.

IQF Grains

Our IQF grains are an ideal base for innovative and new meal solutions with a world of colors, textures, & flavors available in conventional and organic varieties.

IQF GF Pasta

Our IQF Gluten-Free Pasta has a superior taste and texture, and are leading the way for the next generation of ready meals.  It’s made from a unique multigrain blend.

Our high-care, high-capacity operation provides the best choice for IQF ingredients

Our Products and Certifications

Riviana Foods is at the forefront of innovation with
IQF rice, grains and GF pasta ingredients. 

Riviana Foods has an extensive portfolio of delicious, cutting-edge IQF ingredients from around the world. Access the latest trending products, a diverse selection of colors, and the best flavors and textures available
for IQF rice, grains, and GF pasta.

All our products are cooked and frozen without the addition of preservatives, synthetic colors, or other additives. Our research and development centers in both the United States and Europe allow us to constantly improve our products and services and give our customers peace of mind.