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Organic Long Grain Brown Rice

America’s Leading Rice Company

A rice industry leader with more than 100 years of experience.

Our ingredients are the perfect base for your meal creation

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Your Trusted Name for Quality Rice and Grains

From farm to consumer, we are committed to producing the cleanest and most wholesome rice and grain products available for any application. We provide a superior level of quality. At Riviana Foods, we are constantly developing, evolving and improving products using our state-of-the-art pilot plant facilities.

The Perfect Base for Meal Creation

Starting with our easy-to-prepare Instant Rice all the way to our specialty round arborio, aromatic jasmine or basmati and premium black rice, Riviana is at the forefront of innovation. Explore more Rice Products and Grain Products for every application.

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Riviana Foods Expands Operations with InHarvest, Inc. Assets

Constantly developing, evolving and improving its products and facilities, Riviana Foods Inc, America’s leading rice company, is now expanding its position. The company has recently acquired the assets of InHarvest, Inc. which specializes in the production, marketing and sale of premium specialty rice, quinoa and grains. 

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From Field to Frozen: Protecting Your Economy & the Environment

White Paper – AFFI, The American Frozen Food Institute, published a recent report stating that frozen food generates less waste than nonfrozen food.

IQF Grains Meet Consumer Demands

White Paper – With improved consumption due to busy consumer lifestyles, new food trends and eating habits are emerging. As a result of this, the traditional concept of frozen food is experiencing a shift.

Innovation and Clean Label Instant and Parboiled Rice Products

White Paper – The current fast-paced lifestyle of most consumers leads them to choose simpler and healthier food options. Instant and parboiled rice are cooked and dehydrated for a quicker and more convenient meal solution.


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Browse our collection of different varieties ranging from quick cooking Instant Rice to Wild Rice and Organic options. Find the perfect option for any application.

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Browse our collection of different varieties ranging from couscous to quinoa. You may even be interested in our partially cooked grains including parboiled black barley and Ready to Eat Organic Crispy Red Quinoa. 

Our Certifications

Distinguished by its versatility and nutrient-dense composition, rice is an essential staple in dishes throughout the world. Although rice is naturally simple to prepare, if it is instantized, it can cook in as little as 4 minutes. 

Not only can rice be enjoyed as a dinner main or side dish, it also works to enhance the taste and texture of any meal from breakfast to dessert. Rice is also singularly wonderful for absorbing the flavors of many different ingredients from cooking liquids and herbs to stir fried vegetables and meats.

Naturally gluten free, rice provides meals with complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber and antioxidants to provide energy. At Riviana, our highest priority is providing wholesome and clean rice products for any application.