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Versatile in use, Riviana offers all three varieties of quinoa: Red, White and Black Quinoa, for any desired application. You may also want to consider a quinoa blends, such as our Tri-Color Quinoa Blend or White and Red Quinoa Blend.

Often considered similar to rice, quinoa is actually a pseudocereal seed that can be utilized as a grain alternative. The only known plant food that is a complete protein, both black, red and white quinoa are ideal products to use as it is one of the best non-animal food sources for protein.

From traditional options to toasted quinoa, discover the perfect variety for any application and trust Riviana for the most wholesome and quality ingredients.

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Red Quinoa

With a rich color and unique texture, red quinoa adds value to any application with its high protein and fiber value. Also available in organic, and Bolivian and Peruvian specialty varieties.

Toasted Red Quinoa

With a rich color, unique texture and added toasty flavor, Riviana red quinoa is ideal for a variety of application options.

White Quinoa

Versatile and soft in texture with a more generous grain size than other varieties, Riviana white quinoa is ideal for a variety of applications. Also available in organic, and Bolivian and Peruvian specialty varieties.

Black Quinoa

With its rich color and crunchy texture, black quinoa offers a bold and earthy flavor. Considered a “supergrain”, it contains all nine essential amino acids, perfect for a variety of applications. Our black rice is certified USDA organic.

Crispy Red Quinoa

This high-protein grain offers a nutty aroma with a rich color and unique texture. This crispy and organic red quinoa is great as a colorful ingredient in applications such as nutrition bars, snack mixes. Also available in RTE.

Crispy White Quinoa

This supergrain adds a delicious ‘popcorn’ like flavor to snacks and a variety of healthy dishes. It is great as an ingredient for nutrition bars and snack mixes. Available in standard and RTE.

Tri-Color Quinoa Blend

Perfectly blended white, red and black quinoa combine in this blend for a unique texture, complex flavor profile and stunning visual presentation. Also available in organic.

White and Red Quinoa Blend

Packed with protein, this blend of different quinoa options offers a vibrant contrast of color and flavor. This quinoa blend is USDA organic.

Whole Grain Brown Rice and Quinoa Blend

This whole grain, gluten-free blend meets the demand for plant-based protein on menus. With long grain brown rice, red and black quinoa, this blend is versatile in many applications.

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