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Black Pearl Medley grain blend

Specialty Grain Blends

Combining different grains together, these blends are rich in texture and flavor and can be used for a wide variety of applications. They also look spectacular with plenty of different colors. With a diverse portfolio, Riviana offers different grain blends including quinoa, barley, wild rice, aromatic jasmine, wheat berries and much more.

These speciality grains have a different grain shape, size, color and cooking characteristics when compared to more traditional grain types. In recent years the United States has seen a surge of interest in Speciality Grain Blends

Some of our signature grain blends include our Non-GMO Wild Blend Rice, Ruby Wild Blend™, Whole Grain Brown Rice and Quinoa Blend and Black Pearl Medley®, just to name a few. Discover the perfect specialty grain blend for any application and trust Riviana for the most wholesome and quality ingredients.

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Tri-Color Orzo Blend

Technically a pasta, orzo is often confused with rice for its small shape. However, it does contain gluten and comes in a variety of options. This vibrant combination of three different varieties of orzo is a great choice for many different meal applications.

Ancient Grains Blend

Long-grain parboiled brown rice, grano, Colusari™ Red Rice, and medium grain brown rice are combined with wild rice for a versatile whole-grain blend with visual appeal to match!

Black Pearl Medley®

Our Black Pearl Medley® has a striking presentation with the combination of whole-grain brown rice, black barley and daikon radish seeds. Unique, with great texture for a variety of applications.

Whole Grain Brown Rice and Quinoa Blend

This whole grain, gluten-free blend meets the demand for plant-based protein on menus. With long grain brown rice, red and black quinoa, this blend is versatile in many applications.

Tri-Color Quinoa Blend

Perfectly blended white, red and black quinoa combine in this blend for a unique texture, complex flavor profile and stunning visual presentation. Also available in organic.

White and Red Quinoa Blend

Packed with protein, this blend of different quinoa options offers a vibrant contrast of color and flavor. This quinoa blend is USDA organic.

Golden Jewel Blend®

Pasta and grains for a variety of recipes. A colorful bouquet of pearled couscous, tri-colored orzo pasta, split baby garbanzo beans and delicate quinoa. A perfect choice for any menu.

Tri-Color Couscous Blend

Including three different varieties of couscous, this tri-color blend of pasta is perfect for a wide variety of applications. Couscous pasta does contain gluten and it often confused with rice and other grains, however it is made from durum wheat. 

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