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Explore different grain options offered by Riviana, including specialty blends.

Grain Varieties for Industrial Sales

Browse our collection of different varieties ranging from couscous to quinoa, as well as grain options that are available pearled, organic and part of specialty blends. You may even be interested in our partially cooked grains including parboiled black barley and Ready to Eat Organic Crispy Red Quinoa.

Find the perfect option for any application.

  • Specialty Grain Blends

    Specialty Grain Blends

    Find which specialty grain blend variety is right for your desired application by browsing all of the different options.

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  • Precooked Grains

    Precooked Grains

    From parboiled grains to ready to eat options, choose which partially cooked grain is best for your desired application.

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  • Couscous


    Our couscous varieties include traditional Moroccan couscous as well as pearled couscous and Isreali-style couscous for any application.

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  • Pearled Grains

    Pearled Grains

    Browse our many options for pearled grains including barley, couscous, farro and wheat berries.

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  • Organic Grains

    Organic Grains

    Explore all of our organically produced grain options to meet all of your application needs, including quinoa, farro and more.

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  • Quinoa


    Versatile, soft in texture and explore each protein-packed quinoa option available from Riviana.

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Our Certifications

Providing wholesome and clean rice and grain products is our top priority, and that’s why we hold our ingredients to the utmost standards to meet the requirements of our valued customers.  

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